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ACT Link for pocket pc softwareACT! link for pocketpc pda
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pocketpc software
Upgrade to ACT! 6.0 with ACT! Link for Pocket PC for just $119.95!

A $20.00 Savings! Regular price $139.95 Offers expire 3/24/03. Available in North America only.
Purchase ACT! Link for Pocket PC for just $29.95!

A $10.00 Savings! Regular price $39.95 Offers expire 3/24/03. Available in North America only.

"ACT! Link for Pocket PC was exactly what I was praying for. With speed and precision I am now able to synchro-nize my entire ACT! database of over 7,000 contacts with my Pocket PC. Having access to all of my critical information, quickly and efficiently, is critical in my industry -- we're always on the road talking to customers!"

Jason S. Smith, Sales & Marketing Director, IC Business Group, Inc.

"I don't leave my office without my Pocket PC loaded with my most current ACT! information of all our 7,000 customers. Now, when I am in the field and have an appointment, I can click on their record, get all of their notes and history information, and be prepared for my meeting, without any printouts!"

Allen T. Cliffe, Professional Salesperson, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc.
features & benefits of ACT for your Pocket PC handheld
Instantly access contact details on the go!
-   Synchronize more than 30 fields without complicated mapping!
-   Synchronize up to 20 ACT! notes and history types for each contact.
-   Create and edit contacts in ACT!, and automatically update your device on your next sync and vice versa.
-   Create notes on your device, then sync to ACT! Notes/ History on your desktop.
-   Sort contacts by ACT! ID/Status on your device using Categories in Pocket Outlook.
Stay on top of your schedule with ease.
-   View daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in
Pocket Outlook.
-   Display ACT! calls, meetings, to-do items, and get alarms on your device.
-   Tap an activity from the daily activities list to view complete details.
-   Create new activities with one or more contacts, then sync to ACT!.
 - Edit activity details and synchronize the changes.
-   View activity type from the calendar view on your
Pocket PC.
-   Delete an activity on your device to clear it and create a history entry in ACT!.
-  Create a private activity on your device, and it remains private in ACT!.
Manage your to-do items with your task list in hand.
-   View daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in
Pocket Outlook.
-   View timeless ACT! activities (calls, meetings, and to-do items) in the task list on your device.
- Complete a task on your device and it clears in ACT!.
- Sort by priority and due dates just like in ACT!.
-   Edit tasks including notes and priorities and synchronize changes to ACT!.
-   Clear a timeless activity in ACT!, and it deletes on your Pocket PC.
Integrate seamlessly with ACT! 6.0.
-   Automatically synchronize ACT!changes with your Pocket PC while it's in its cradle with Microsoft® ActivsyncTM.
- Synchronize all contact records or selected groups.

System info for ACT! Link for Pocket PC - Dell Axim HP Jornada Toshiba Casio Cassiopeia
Works with these popular devices:

- iPAQ - Dell Axim(TM) - HP Jornada (excluding 520/540 series) - Toshiba Pocket PC - Casio(TM) Cassiopeia (excluding E-115/E-125/EM-500) - Many other Pocket PC 2002 devices

Microsoft ActiveSync
- ActiveSync 3.5 or greater
Windows Desktop:

- Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
- ACT! 6.0 or greater
- 133 Mhz processor or higher
- 64 MB of memory or higher
- Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0
- VGA or higher monitor
- 50 MB of free hard disk
- CD-ROM drive


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