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Interactive Imaging Systems has created monitor glasses for viewing your Pocket PC screen on a large virtual display.

Second Sight virtual display for pocket pc handheld pdas

Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. understand that many times a PDA, with its limited one-quarter VGA display screen, just won't do. Many applications require the full screen display of a laptop AND the pocket sized portability of a PDA. Second Sight delivers this, as it offers the equivalent of a desktop monitor in a low profile, compact form factor.

The M1110 is the smallest and the lightest head-worn display in the world, at only 40 grams. So light you won't know you're wearing it! Second Sight is easily readable in either daylight or darkness. The display connects directly to virtually any CompactFlash (CF) or PCMCIA slot on PDAs and notebooks. Our software for Pocket PC based PDAs, allow for full VGA screen information (640X480 pixels) to be displayed on the M1100 display, giving the user, access to high resolution content from images to schematics and more.

The M1100 can also be used with a laptop or other portable computer, using an option CF to PCMCIA adapter. The display allows the user to view the information privately for those times you're not sure who is looking over your shoulder. Because of the low profile display package your "real world" vision will not be impaired, while your hands are free to do other things.

See Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. for more information

Total Remote - Pocket PC Remote Control

Total Remote device and software for pocketpc handhelds

Total Remote allows your favorite Pocket PC to function as one master control for all your remote controlled devices. Total Remote comes with device profiles for over 300 devices such as TV, VCR, DVD and more. You can easily make your own device profiles by installing new ones or creating your own. You can sample the commands from your hardware remotes and create “virtual” remotes that look and function the way you want. The program provides you with a set of skins that enables you to change the remote control appearance any time you want.

The Total Remote Transmitter Module allows you to control infrared devices nearly 100 feet away using a typical iPAQ. Because it uses your PDA’s audio hardware, its range is up to 3 times greater than that of your current remotes. Since some Pocket PCs do not have audio hardware of sufficient quality to use the Total Remote Transmitter Module, Total Remote also supports built in Infrared ports (IrDA). While range is severely limited compared to the transmitter module, it is an effective back-up in the event that you misplace or damage the transmitter module.

Buy Total Remote for your Pocket PC today!





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