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Special Offers From Dell Home Systems Special Offers From Dell Home Systems
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Pocket PC 2003 is coming with
a fresh lineup of new iPAQ models from HP!

The rumor mills are abuzz with the release of Microsoft's next Pocket PC platform, Pocket PC 2003, currently code named Ozone. At one point Amazon was taking pre-orders for June 16th but pages have since been removed. General consensus is the the new platform will launch June 23rd.

HP iPAQ h2200 with Pocket PC 2003  XScale pdaIn conjunction with the release HP is seen to be preparing an update to it's entire product line according to recent FCC filings..

First out of the gate is the highly anticipated h2200 series, its the new mid-range line of HP iPAQs. The h2200 series looks to combine the thin, lightweight styling of the h1900 series with several high-end features found on the current h5000 series.

The h2200 series devices will measure 4.5" (114.3mm) long, between 2.5" - 2.75" (64.5mm - 69.8mm) wide (it tapers in the middle), 0.63" (16mm) thick, and weigh just 5.49 ounces (155.6 g). They will have 64MB SDRAM or greater, 32MB ROM or greater, a 900mAh Lithium ion battery, a 3.5" color transflective display, dual slots (CompactFlash and Secure Digital), SDIO support, and Bluetooth on select models. They will run on the Intel XScale-based Cotulla processor at either 200MHz or 400MHz.

As mentioned earlier, we expect the 2200 to be available as soon as announced at  Amazon. Before removing the link, Amazon was showing the new model as a h2215 at a price of $400. Click below to check availability.

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The Thinnest and Lightest Pocket PC on the Market

New X-Scale iPAQ Pocket PC 1910

On May 29th, Hewlett-Packard manufacturer High Tech Computer also filed for FCC approval of 5 new h1900 series iPAQ handhelds.  Models expected are the h1930, h1935, h1937, h1940, and h1945. All of the h1930 and h1940 models will have 900mAh replaceable Lithium ion batteries, 3.5" transflective color TFT displays, SDIO support, and run on the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating platform for handheld computers, Pocket PC 2003, which includes Windows Media Player 9 Series. The h1900 series devices with measure 4.46" (113.3mm) long, 2.75" (69.8mm) wide, 0.50" (12.8mm) thick, and weigh 4.23 oz. (120 g). The h1930 series devices will run on a Samsung S3C2410 processor running at 203 MHz, while the h1940 series devices will run on the same processor running at 266 MHz. All units will come with 64MB SDRAM, 56MB of which is user accessible.

One model, the iPAQ h1945 Pocket PC, is expected to list at $299 and will include integrated Bluetooth wireless networking support and a 14MB iPAQ File Store. It will also come with hp Mobile Print Center software. Delivery is expected early in July, click on suppliers below to check current availability.


Last month info on Sprint Pocket PC Phone Edition offering
HP 5450 Wireless iPAQ and Dell Axim X5 PDA


Spb Pocket Plus utility software for Windows pocketpc pdas

Pacman 2 for Windows Pocket PC 2002 handhelds

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