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With OneMail, getting your Yahoo and Hotmail to your Pocket PC has never been easier!

Easy to Setup, No Email Reader required on the Desktop


  • OneMail is simple to setup and no Email Reader is required.
  • As there is no setup of Email client nor involves other complicated process, it is a no-brainer download experience for any users!
  • Just tap on the 'Sync' button, it retrieves your Yahoo mails and Hotmail directly to the Pocket PC in seconds. No Email Reader, such as Outlook or Eudora, is required. It's quick and easy! Come and experience the great convenience OneMail brings to you at an incredible price of USD10.00 only for the Full Version!! What's more, it's a one time charge with unlimited usage.

    Save you Money
  • With OneMail, it can access your Yahoo and Hotmail in real time without subscribing to any POP Access and Forwarding Services. Yahoo is charging POP Access and Forwarding Services at USD29.99/year. It is a great saving for you !

    More than Email Aggregation, Bill, Bank Accounts, Calendars ....
  • OneMail synchronizes Yahoo and Hotmail painlessly and soon it will cover all other major webmails from Mail.COM, Netscape.COM etc.. Just watch out for our upgrade alert ! The engine does not stop here, it will provide a single view of all your personal Accounts including personal Bills and Banks Accounts, Calendars, Task Lists and a whole lot more in our soon to be released full blown version. Stay tune for updates while you are experiencing the great value that OneMail Full Version offers.

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    With OneMail, getting your Yahoo and Hotmail to your Pocket PC has never been easier!

    End User Update for Pocket PC 2002

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