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Digital Photo Album & PowerPoint Slideshows come in One Pack!

IA Style Super Pack is the combination of IA Album, IA Presenter, and IA Zip. Now you get three great products at one low price!

IA Album: Just won the "Best Product Award 2001" by Pocket PC Magazine! This application is designed for image viewing, browsing, managing, annotating, presentations, sharing, screen capturing, and more! It is fully compatible with Pocket PC 2002, and supports all kinds of digital cameras.

IA Presenter: This is the most cost-effective tool on the market for PowerPoint presentations on-the-go. You can drag-and-drop the PowerPoint files from desktop PC to Pocket PC for instant playback, and annotate the slides during slide shows using Ink. Or, you can optionally use our standalone converter to convert PowerPoint files right on your desktop PC, then move them to your Pocket PC at any time you want. Speaker Notes can be edited and saved, and transition effects can be previewed before being assigned.

Both IA Album & IA Presenter support VGA / Video output. When proper accessories are installed, you can connect the Pocket PC to a projector, or a computer / TV monitor for formal presentations.

IA Zip: Conserve that valuable memory in your Pocket PC by compressing your files! IA Zip is the ultimate ZIP compression and decompression utility for the Pocket PC, and it is fully compatible with other Windows Zip tools such as WinZip. Packed with features, yet very simple to use.

IA Style Super Pack is now only $35.95. That's $40% off the regular individual price for these three great products!

The Ultimate Shoot for PocketPC!

The year is 19xx. Russia is perfecting a strategy of global communist invasion [hitherto considered too dangerous] using a mysterious vodka export company... The vodka has other side-effects apart from inebriation on those who drink it, such as the complete and utter loss of individual willpower !! This disturbing company, "Stalinka Corp.", is led by STALINBOT, a genetic crossbreed between Stalin and the future Mir space station ...

This creature is "drunk" on power and now has a will of its own, turning against its creators - and the whole world. Evil Stalinbot is hell-bent on using his terrible weapons, those wicked bottles of Stalinka! The vodka is capable of corrupting all the decent workers in the free world.To put a stop to Stalinbot's plans, the American Government calls up its three finest fighter pilots. The code name for the operation is: SIBERIAN STRIKE !!!


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