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 T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition

Pocket PC Phone Edition

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The combination of Microsoft's Pocket PC Phone Edition software and T-Mobile's all digital wireless network enables customers to wirelessly access the Internet, secure corporate networks, e-mail, calendar and contacts from more than 8,000 cities across North America at speeds that meet or exceed standard dial-up wired connections. The highly anticipated device is a fully integrated PDA and dual mode wireless phone. Customers can stay in touch and online with pocket versions of their favorite Microsoft software applications including Internet Explorer, Outlook, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player, Word and Excel.

The dual band phone functionality means customers can use their T-Mobile Pocket PC device and same phone number when traveling in more than 90 countries, with voice rates as low as 99 cents a minute through T-Mobile’s WorldClass service.

The T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition is packed with features and functionality, making it an ideal productivity tool for anyone who owns a Windows desktop:

Wireless phone
Use it as a wireless phone that you can hold to your ear or use with the included hands-free headset. Even hold a conference call with a built in speaker phone and take notes on the PDA during a phone call. Send two-way text messages to friends and family across the nation, no matter which wireless device or service provider they use.

Internet access
Browse the Internet or your corporate intranet via Virtual Private Network (VPN) wherever you happen to be with a standards based HTML browser.

Synch Your Outlook E-Mail
Sync your Outlook e-mail with your desktop PC, using the included Pocket PC cradle.

Wireless e-mail
Remotely access Internet and POP3 e-mail and attachments.

Microsoft platform and applications
Stay in touch and online with the extensible Windows platform and pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Outlook and MSN Messenger to provide a PC in your hand. Use Microsoft Reader and Windows Media Player to read books and play MP3s.

Use the Pocket Outlook to access your contacts, calendar, task list and files.

Make voice and data calls and sync using the included Pocket PC cradle over a USB connection to your Windows desktop. Beam v-cards and appointments to your friends using the IrDA port.

Expand your capabilities by getting additional memory with the standard Secure Digital (SD/MMC) slot in a totally integrated Windows device that fits in your pocket and offers ubiquitous coverage and high data speeds.

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