This website is focused on handheld devices and the software which they run on. People all over the world use smartphones, tablets and ebook readers every day. This hardware has changed the way businesses run and how people lead their daily lives. This site delves into some of the most significant issues around the topic. After reading each article, visitors will hopefully be much more knowledgeable on the subject.

Content on the Site

Understanding Different Software

This article helps to explain the differences between the four central operating systems: Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. The majority of smart devices will run on one of these systems. People must understand the pros and cons of each. Being aware of this will allow them to make an informed decision when buying a new device. Jargon is avoided so that these explanations are made as simple as possible.

The Future of Handheld Devices

Smart devices have never been more popular. The strong consumer demand for iPhones and similar mobile devices is unlikely to dwindle in the coming years. However, their hardware and software will probably change. This section of the site examines how smartphone designers will have to adapt in the future. This includes the fact that newer phones need to integrate with their owners in more efficient ways.

How People Use Smartphones

These devices are utilised by modern people in many different ways. They are ideal for both work and recreational activities. This article lists some of the most critical uses of smartphones. Communication, activity tracking, social media, video viewing and gaming apps are available on systems such as iOS and Android. After finishing the article, readers will better understand just how versatile handheld smart devices are.

Watching Football on Smartphones

The internet capability of smart devices means that people can watch sporting events on them. There are many benefits to viewing football on a handheld device. It is a much more convenient and efficient method compared to traditional television. Users have a greater variety of matches available and can watch from anywhere with an online connection. Readers interested in sports should check out this section of the site.

Tablet Software

Each operating system has a dominant tablet product. For instance, iOS is widely run on iPads and Android is the domain of Amazon Fire tablets. This article looks at these products and more in further detail. It will help readers determine which tablet is right for them.