The smartphone has become one of the most widely used handheld devices. They are carried by people all over the world. This popularity is thanks to the wide variety of ways that smartphones can be utilised.

Social Media

Some of the biggest social media apps around include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Millions of phone users download these apps. Being able to make posts and chat with others from a handheld device is more convenient than with a standard computer.

Social media apps have now become so prominent that most companies prioritise them over websites. However it is still possible to access these sites with a phone if a browser is installed. Therefore users get to choose between the two options.

Watching Videos

Access to the internet lets users watch videos from many different sites and apps. Streaming is one of the most effective ways to watch them. Each streaming service will have their own catalogue. These will contain a variety of programmes, allowing users to choose the best show to watch. Notable sites of this type include Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube Premium.

Downloading is another option. People can find a video they like and store it on their device. An internet connection will then no longer be required to watch it later. This makes downloading ideal for commuters and travellers.


Employees can stay connected with their office even when off-site. Smartphones offer a form of connectivity that is also portable. Workers are able to send and receive files while on the move. This has revolutionised the efficiency of modern work.

As well as accessing files, smartphones also let colleagues communicate directly in real time. Group messaging apps are useful in this regard. With a phone communication can be achieved via live video, private messaging, as well as traditional email, text and calling.

Video Games

Now that phones have become significantly powerful their processing is high enough to handle modern games. “Freemium gaming” is a recent development in smartphone culture. These are games that are free to play with the option of paying real money for perks. The initial lack of cost means many users are attracted to freemium titles. It is not uncommon to see people play these games on their phones in public spaces.

The main downside is that iOS and Android have different services for downloading the games. Some may be available on one type of software but not on the other. This can be a factor when choosing which system to go with.

Activity Tracking

Fitness apps track the physical activity of users. They can help users improve their health by setting new goals. More advanced trackers keep a record of user heart rates when they perform cardio. It is useful for running, cycling, climbing and many other activities.

Videos And Photos

Modern phones can take pictures and record videos. Manufacturers try to make phone cameras more advanced when they produce new models. Resolution is a key aspect of this. The higher the resolution, the better a captured image will be.

Upmarket smartphones will have cameras that can take high definition, great resolution pictures and videos. Selfies have become popular and for this reason front facing cameras are now built into devices. When pictures are taken they get converted into a common image format, such as JPEG or PDF. They can then be uploaded onto the internet with ease.