When people want to purchase a new tablet it is easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices available. One useful way of narrowing down the search is deciding which software they want the tablet to run on. Each operating system has its own pros and cons. Understanding them is a good first step towards finding the ideal tablet.

iOS Tablets

The most widely used iOS tablet is the iPad. It is one of the fastest tablets on the market and even surpasses numerous laptops. iPad users get access to the Apple App Store which contains a great catalogue of downloadable content. This hardware is compatible with other Apple products such as iPhones and Apple TVs.

However, Apple products are notoriously overpriced which is likely to put off many people. Android tablets are much cheaper in comparison. iPads are limited in their customization options. Due to Apple’s vetting system there are many apps unavailable for iPads. Storage may also become an issue. These tablets do not allow users to store apps on external hardware, forcing them to delete excess data.

Android Tablets

The Amazon Paperwhite is a great ebook as it is designed to prevent screen glare. However the Amazon Fire tablet gives users the same catalogue of ebooks along with other capabilities such as internet access, video playback, games and a camera.

For such a powerful tablet it is fairly reasonably priced, especially compared to Apple ones. It comes with Alexa, a popular digital assistant. The display and sound are impressively powerful.

On the other hand, Fire tablets do not exceed 8 inches in size. This will be a big issue for users who want a large screen. Furthermore, in order to get the most out of it, users will have to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Linux Tablets

There is no definitive Linux tablet out there. There are plenty on the market but users will need to research each model to determine if it is right for them. Linux is open source, giving people a much greater amount of freedom than other systems. However, this freedom will appeal mostly to specialists.

Windows Tablets

Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies around. Their tablets are ideal for office workers. They are under-powered compared to PCs but offer increased portability. Since Windows is used so widely, tablets of this type will appeal to a large number of users.