Technology is changing all the time. A few decades ago when people thought of handheld devices their mind would likely conjure images of a standard calculator. No one could have foreseen just how advanced modern devices are now.

Smartphones, ebooks and tablets offer users a huge number of potential uses. It is not an exaggeration to say that they have changed lives. It is impossible to predict the directions future tech will go in. However, there are several factors worth looking into.

Processing Power

New apps are getting more powerful every year. It therefore stands to reason that upcoming devices will need to have an increased processing power. Software such as Android releases new system updates regularly. Older, outdated devices struggle to run on this software. As a result, manufacturers are forced to constantly develop and release more powerful devices. This trend is likely to continue in the near future, unless a completely new software method is created.


Currently, the majority of devices are designed for handheld use. Over the years companies have begun to recognise the importance of ergonomics. This term means the ways that humans can effectively interact with a system, in this case a device like a smartphone. Designers will need to consider how users can grip the phone and type on it. Size will also be an important factor. Consumers tend to favour large screens. However, this can make the device less ergonomic. Solving this issue will be a significant task for future designers.

Faster Connectivity

All good smart devices are usually expected to have an internet connection. The faster, the better. WiFi and phone data are the two main ways to access the internet from a smartphone. 4G data service is beginning to be replaced by a superior version called 5G. Even more advanced online access services will need to be created in the coming years.

User Integration

Perhaps devices will be so integrated with human beings that they will not even need to be held. Smart glasses are already beginning to be developed by companies. Google Glass is a good example of this.

Tech giants will need to come up with new ways for devices to be used as conveniently as possible. Brain implants might seem like science fiction now but they are certainly possible. Considering how far tech development has come in the past few years it is important to keep an open mind.