In the past, football matches were predominately viewed via a television. However, people now have more options when it comes to how they watch the sport. This is mainly thanks to the emergence of online technology. Users can watch a match on the internet with ease. They can do this with a tablet, smartphone or an even smaller handheld device.

Watch Anywhere

People no longer have to sit in a living room to watch football. Thanks to portable devices such as smartphones they are able to view sporting events practically anywhere. This can include while travelling on buses or trains, sitting in a park or even out at sea.

Smartphones and tablets are small enough to carry easily so users can take them wherever they want. However, to watch football they will need to make sure there is a strong internet connection. It is also useful to have a power source for charging the device.

More Choice

The problem with television viewing is that users are limited in terms of the sporting events available. In contrast, the internet has a huge variety of live sports streaming services. Viewers can watch international matches as well as more niche and local ones.

The recent development of casting technology also makes online sports viewing a superior option. Casting allows users to pair their device with a smart television. Whatever they are watching on the device then begins playing on the TV screen. The main advantage of this is that users are no longer restricted by small screens and still get the variety of options that the internet provides.


Online gambling has seen a surge in popularity recently. People will often use sites such as to place wagers on football. With smartphones they can access online betting sites wherever they go. Instead of waiting till they get home they can enjoy the immediacy of accessing the gambling service as soon as possible.


Smartphones and tablets are not the only handheld devices with video playing capability. If people want an even smaller option, smart watches are available. This hardware is worn on the wrist of the user and have some of the same capabilities as smartphones. The main downside is the high price. If people want a smart watch with reliable live sports apps they need to purchase an upmarket model.


Smart devices can perform multiple applications at the same time. Android smartphones such as the Moto G model are designed for easy split screen viewing. This means people can watch a football match whilst answering emails, surfing the web and performing numerous other tasks. Split screen software can help users to save time by doing multiple things at once, including watching sports.