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Fictionwise eBooks for Axim, iPAQ, Toshiba, HP and Dell

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 Welcome to Pocket PC Portal 

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Pocket PC Hardware Feature

Windows Mobile Smartphones
 Finally Arrive in the U.S.!

Combination Cellular phone and Pocket PC - Motorola MPx200 Smartphone 2002 from AT&T WirelessAfter being available in Europe for almost a year, Windows Mobile Smartphones are finally available here in the U.S.

First to market is  AT&T Wireless with the Motorola MPx200 clamshell with the Microsoft "Windows Powered Smartphone 2002" OS. more info ...


Pocket PC Software Feature

Finally, The # 1 Best Selling Personal Financial
Software comes to the Pocket PC !

All your financial data in the palm of your hand! Pocket Quicken - Now available for the Pocket PCPocket Quicken places your financial activity at your fingertips making it easy to keep your Quicken information complete, accurate and up-to-date wherever you go.

Pocket Quicken is a true mobile companion to the Quicken desktop product and provides excellent connectivity via your handheld's built-in ActiveSync technology. There is no double entry and you can always keep your accounts up to date. Transferring data is quick and hassle free- just connect your handheld to your desktop. Pocket Quicken makes it easy to keep your finances organized. Click here for more details..

Pocket PC Utility Feature

Never Run out of battery power ever again!     Instant Power Charger battery with iPAQ Pocket PC PDA

The INSTANT POWER Charger uses zinc-air batteries as hand-held chargers for the phone or PDA's rechargeable battery, and can support simultaneous charging and operation. Users can expect to get 3 charges of a typical 700-900 mAh rechargeable battery.

Get full details here...

Pocket PC eBook Feature

HE WILL BE BACK! ....On your Handheld Reader!

T2 trilogy ebooks for Microsoft Reader and Adobe Acrobat for handheld Pocket PCsH.M. Sterling's next book in the T2 Trilogy;  T2: The Future War will be released on June 17th. Make sure you read the Terminator series before you see the new T3 Movie on July 2nd. Check out T2: Infiltrator and T2: Rising Storm now!

Also in our eBook section, Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton (it is nice to see digital books coming out at the same time as the hardcovers!), The Essential Drucker by Peter Drucker and  Lake House by James Patterson Click Here! or pocketpcportal or Pocket PC Portal


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